Terms of Conditions

Juli 2020


1. Prices and payment

The prices of our items are subject to change at any time without notice. All orders that were received before a price change are processed on the basis of the current price at the time of the order.

1.2 Payment methods

We require prepayment for all orders and for all deliveries abroad.

For all items that we order from our suppliers on request or upon special order by the customer, only payment in advance applies, even if the customer normally pays by invoice.

We generally only deliver the items for all orders with prepayment upon receipt of payment. If the ordered items are not in stock and we have to order them from our suppliers, our order will only be carried out after receipt of the advance payment. A delay in payment by the customer extends the delivery period accordingly.

We accept the following payment methods:

- Cash payment upon collection directly from us

- Prepayment via bank transfer, PayPal or on request with Twint

Any additional costs that arise from a payment method are borne by the customer.

2. Delivery

Adam's Polishes Switzerland is not responsible for incorrect deliveries due to incomplete and / or incorrect delivery addresses. The customer is obliged to check the correctness of his information when ordering and bears the additional costs for such incorrect deliveries.

2.1 Delivery costs

The delivery costs from the warehouse are always borne by the customer and will be communicated to him after receipt of the order. If the effective delivery costs are higher than those communicated to the customer by Adam's Polishes Switzerland and if Adam's Polishes Switzerland is not responsible for the higher costs (e.g. price increase delivery service), the customer bears the additional costs and these will also be paid to him be invoiced.

The current price tables of the respective delivery service serve as the basis for calculating the delivery costs.

The delivery costs for subsequent deliveries caused by Adam's Polishes Switzerland are borne by the company and will not be charged.

Adam's Polishes Switzerland can change the delivery costs at any time without prior notice.

2.2 Damaged goods

All deliveries are checked before dispatch and packed properly. Adam's Polishes Switzerland declines all liability and responsibility for any damage that occurs during transport. These are borne by the customer.

If the customer detects damage to the packaging or the contents, he is obliged to report this immediately to the delivery service (post, UPS, etc.). This can be done directly to the delivering employees of the delivery service or via the service hotline of the delivery service for damage reports. In any case, all claims due to damage can only be made to the delivery service.

In the event of damage, the customer is obliged to keep all boxes or packaging materials so that the delivery service can check them in connection with a damage report.

Please note that Adam's Polishes Switzerland cannot make any claims and claims to the delivery service on behalf of the customer. This is the sole responsibility of the customer.

It is also up to the customer to keep all documents in connection with a claim and to be able to present them at the request of the delivery service or Adam's Polishes Switzerland.

2.3 Delivery bottlenecks

If Adam's Polishes Switzerland cannot deliver the ordered items within the agreed times due to delivery bottlenecks or delays in delivery by its suppliers, we will inform the customer as soon as possible. Adam's Polishes Switzerland only delivers an order to the customer when it can be delivered in full.

Adam's Polishes Switzerland is in no way responsible for the consequences of delivery bottlenecks or delays by its suppliers.

It is not possible to cancel or change the entire order in the event of delivery bottlenecks. At the express request of the customer, it is possible to cancel the currently unavailable items from the entire order. However, the rest of the items ordered are not affected and the rest of the order will be carried out normally by Adam's Polishes Switzerland.


3. Orders

3.2 Cancellation of an order

Cancellations are only accepted up to the time before delivery (production) of the items.

If Adam's Polishes Switzerland agrees to cancel the order, the customer will in any case be charged 20% of the value of the goods affected by the cancellation as a contractual penalty.


If the customer requests the cancellation of an order for stock items that have not yet been dispatched, the customer will be charged a processing fee of SFr. 15.- billed.



3.3 Redemptions

All returns must be approved in writing by Adam's Polishes Switzerland.

Adam's Polishes Switzerland reserves the right to refuse to take back goods without giving a reason. We refuse to accept the article for all articles that are returned to us without our prior written consent.

Adam's Polishes Switzerland will only take back items if they are returned complete, intact and without any signs of use or assembly. If we determine that this is not the case, the customer will be refused the return.

A general processing fee of 20% of the value of the goods applies to all redemptions. In addition, the customer will be charged for any costs that may arise.

It is basically the sole responsibility of the customer to ensure that he orders the right parts for the intended use.

3.4 Credits

If Adam's Polishes Switzerland grants the customer a credit due to incorrect deliveries or cancellations, this will generally be offset against the customer's next order. If the customer wishes the credit to be paid out and Adam's Polishes Switzerland agrees, the payment will be made to the customer's account via bank credit or PayPal within 30 working days. It is up to the customer to name the right connection. Adam's Polishes Switzerland is not responsible for transfers to incorrect accounts due to incorrect information provided by the customer.

4. Products

4.1 Specifications

We are not responsible for any typing errors, mistakenly stated prices, content of product specifications or services of the manufacturers of the products we offer. The product specifications or purposes can be changed by the manufacturer at any time. Adam's Polishes Switzerland endeavors to keep changes as up-to-date as possible, but is not responsible for the timeliness or consequences of omission. It is also the sole responsibility of the customer to check that and whether an item offered by Adam's Polishes Switzerland meets the manufacturer's specifications.

Adam's Polishes Switzerland can cancel an order from the customer at any time if the manufacturer has changed the specifications of an item. In this case, any payments already made by the customer will be refunded within 30 days.

4.2 Guarantee

The customer is obliged to check all items received for errors and to report them to Adam's Polishes Switzerland within 48 hours (on weekends or public holidays until the next working day), stating the complaint. At the end of this period, the delivery is considered to have been made properly.

Adam's Polishes Switzerland only offers a guarantee for all new items that are offered in its shop insofar as this is possibly granted by the manufacturer of the products. No guarantee is given for all used items.

It is the sole responsibility of the customer to check the warranty conditions of the manufacturer of the items he ordered and to receive information about them. In any case, costs for work and any form of compensation for direct and indirect damage are excluded. Adam's Polishes Switzerland supports its customers in warranty cases, but reserves the right that the customer must handle a warranty case directly with the product manufacturer.

For items that are guaranteed by the manufacturer, this only includes the repair and not the replacement of faulty parts. The delivery costs for defective parts will not be refunded to the customer. The cost of sending a defective item by the customer to the seller or forwarding it to the manufacturer is borne by the customer.

In some cases, warranty processing by the manufacturer can take several weeks or even months. It is the customer's responsibility to keep all material (packaging, instructions, etc.) and documents (invoices, delivery notes, etc.) that could be required in the event of a guarantee.

4.3 Legality of sold products

If the customer intends to use or use items purchased from Adam's Polishes Switzerland in the area of ​​public transport, it is his sole responsibility to clarify and obtain the admissibility from the responsible authorities. If purchased items are not permitted in the area of ​​the Road Traffic Regulations, Adam's Polishes Switzerland does not accept any liability for customer use - even when used outside of public roads. The customer uses the items expressly at his own risk.

It is the sole responsibility of the customer to check before ordering whether the items ordered by him are legal for the intended use or what measures can be taken to make the use legal. Returns or cancellations of orders due to errors or a lack of prior checking are excluded in any case.

Adam's Polishes Switzerland will endeavor to provide the customer with any experience, e.g. in connection with approvals for public transport is not obliged to do so, nor is there any liability for the correctness and / or completeness of such information.

We expressly draw your attention to the fact that the warranty and / or operating license of the vehicle can be restricted or expired by the vehicle manufacturer through the use or installation of articles. Adam's Polishes Switzerland does not accept any liability from such cases. It is the sole responsibility of the customer to check in advance when placing an order whether and to what extent warranty provisions or the manufacturer's operating license are or could be affected.

5. Other provisions

Adam's Polishes Switzerland reserves the right to reject customers, orders or services at any time without giving reasons.

Adam's Polishes Switzerland has no influence on the links and accepts no liability for their content.

Adam's Polishes Switzerland is not responsible for errors in the shop software used, as well as for incorrect or incorrect prices, the accuracy and timeliness of product specifications, compliance with the stated delivery times and incorrect orders that are caused by such errors. All liability reasons - as far as legally permissible - are excluded by Adam's Polishes Switzerland.

The customer acknowledges and expressly agrees that all items remain the exclusive property of the seller until full payment has been made.

Furthermore, by ordering one or more items, the customer expressly acknowledges that they accept these terms and conditions from Adam's Polishes Switzerland and have fully understood them.

Adam's Polishes Switzerland can change its terms and conditions at any time and without notice. Every new version is valid from the time of publication on the Adam's Polishes Switzerland homepage. For orders and post-publication returns or other transactions from previous orders. Every newer version replaces previous versions. The current version at the time of the order applies to current orders.

6. Changes, jurisdiction and place of performance

All changes that affect these general terms and conditions must be in writing. Swiss law always applies - regardless of the customer's location.

Should individual provisions be void or ineffective, this does not affect the validity of all others or the delivery conditions as a whole. Instead of the void or ineffective provision, the parties agree to make provisions that come closest to the original purpose and which have legally binding effect.

The place of performance for all obligations arising from this contract is the location of Adam's Polishes Switzerland's registered office.

The parties agree on St. Gallen as the place of jurisdiction. The ordinary courts of St.Gallen are responsible for assessing disputes.

Unless otherwise expressly agreed in writing, the applicable legal provisions under Swiss law and these terms and conditions apply, even if the order is executed abroad.