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Stoddard Solven

Dress your Vinyl, Rubber, & Trim with this water-based product. Protect from sun fading, oxidation, and without the worry of slinging!

  • Leaves a crisp, sharp, detailed look
  • Durable SPF 35 Protection
  • Water-Based, Sling Free Formula
  • Restores color back to your Vinyl, Rubber, and Trim components
  • CherryScent
  • Made in the USA
  • Silica-Infused Formula

Adam’s VRT is a water-based cream formula that is designed for easy application and zero oily residues. The newly enhanced formula contains a silica-infused formulation, intended for longer lasting results. This premium plastic, vinyl, rubber, and trim dressing rejuvenates your surfaces and gives them a rich, crisp, satin sheen that is better than new. Vinyl, rubber and trim components are the first symptoms of aging, neglected vehicles. The sun’s UV rays bleach the color away from the components and give them a grey, faded and aged appearance desperate for a revitalizing, nourishing dressing. Adam’s VRT provides a satin, crisp shine to surfaces when properly applied— for users wanting a more glossy or wet look, we recommend our Tire Shine for that added sheen. This should be used on a washed, decontaminated, and dried surface to ensure proper application. Surfaces can be in full sunlight but should be cool to the touch before applying to avoid high or low spots in the finished product.

Adam’s VRT is designed for use on a washed, decontaminated and fully dried surface that is cool to the touch. Now with added silica-resins, this same great formulation has increased longevity and durability to keep your ride looking detailed for longer! This low-sling formula allows users to achieve a rich, wet, lustrous shine on their rubber, trim, or exterior plastic components. VRT is a simple, user-friendly dressing that gives tires, plastic bumpers, hood cowls, mirror caps, bed rails, or door seals a soft, supple feel and appearance without the worry of run-off, sling, or mess from a heavy silicone dressing. This easy-to-apply cream formula can be used on exterior plastic and trim, dashboards, door panels, and vinyl interior components.

1 Adam's VRT Tire & Trim Dressing 16oz

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Adam's VRT Tire & Trim Dressing

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