• Adam's Interior Detailing Swabs

Can't settle for almost perfect? Swabs were designed with the perfectionist in mind. These are perfect for hard to reach areas like air vents, seams of seats, buttons, and knobs.

  • Ultra Soft Foam Heads Safe For Delicate Jobs
  • Unique Square Shape Cleans a Variety of Places
  • Great For Cleaning Cracks and Crevices
  • 6 Inch Stick Gets Swabs Where Other Tools Can't Reach

Adam's Interior Detailing Swabs help you clean in places other brushes and tools just can't reach! These handy little foam tipped sticks will allow you to clean easily into air conditioning vents, around buttons, and knobs, and into those hard to reach spaces with ease!
Each Adam's Interior Detailing Swab is good for multiple uses and the ultra soft foam heads are safe for the most delicate surfaces. Use them dry to get dust out of hard to reach areas or spray lightly with Adam's Total Interior Detailer and clean more serious dirt in between those window switches, around radio and A/C knobs, or anywhere else you can't reach easily with a brush, towel, or other tools.

6 Adam's Interior Detailing Swabs

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Adam's Interior Detailing Swabs

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