Safe on tint and navigation screens, and more! Streak-free guaranteed! Adam’s Glass Cleaner delivers a powerful cleaning formula matched with a streak-free experience that is also safe for tinted windows. With an even mist, Adam’s Glass Cleaner leaves a crisp appearance by utilizing its optical clarifying technology, giving you a crystal clear window.

  • Safe for Tinted Windows
  • Streak Free Glass Cleaning
  • Green, Citrus Scent
  • Eco-Friendly, No Ammonia or Alcohol
  • Optical Clarifiers Keep Glass Clear for Improved Visibility
  • Made In USA

Adam’s Glass Cleaner is a water-based, body shop safe product that can be used on navigation screens, LCD displays, and heated window elements. Our chemical formulation safely and easily removes tough grime, grease, dust, debris, bugs, fingerprints and road contamination without the need of harmful chemicals for you or your vehicle's fragile components.

Having crystal clear glass is important! Clean windows improve visibility and provide a safe driving experience for all drivers. With Adam’s Glass Cleaner, you get a simple, ready-to-use product that restores a safe operation of your vehicle in a spray and wipe form. As the product removes and restores perfect vision to your glass, it also reduces static cling and energy to lower the amount of dust that settles.
Adam's Glass Cleaner takes advantage of new breakthroughs in polymer technology to create a cleaner that contains no harmful or harsh chemicals, cleans effortlessly even in unforgiving conditions, and features optical clarifiers that help improve clarity and visibility. The added bonus of a new UV-stable formula and scent mean the experience of using our Glass Cleaner will be just as great as the results it produces.

Nothing is more frustrating than a glass cleaner that just doesn’t wipe clean no matter what technique you use for it. If it’s not the formula, streaks and effectiveness are most likely the result of the towel that you are using. All glass cleaners are sensitive to dirty towels. So, if you use a towel that has previously been used for polishing or waxing, remaining product residue is bound to leach out and smear your glass. Dedicated glass towels are your best bet, and make sure that saturated towels are replaced with fresh ones for maximum performance.

1 Adam's Glass Cleaner 16oz

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Adam's Glass Cleaner

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